Cartoon HD app for IOS: Free Movies & TV shows

Cartoon HD app for ios
Cartoon HD app for ios

Cartoon HD app for IOS is a free application for IOS devices to download and play paid movies and TV shows for free.

The app is available for free to the beloved IOS users as IOS is one of the three most used operating system in the world.

The app was uploaded a far before but because of some reasons the developers stopped serving but now it is back with it’s amazing features.

Just download the file in your unlocked iphone/ipad etc., to play paid TV shows and movies for free.

Cartoon HD app for IOS features

The features of ios version aren’t compromised at all. You will get all the features as of in the android version

Therefore, You can still enjoy all the features even if you are not an android user.

It has a large collection of movies and a vast range of TV shows all available for free giving a tough competition to giants like netflix etc., because it is completely free.

cartoon hd app for ios

Without wasting time let’s head to the procedure of downloading and install cartoon hd app.

Because of some certain reasons the app isn’t available over the app store but you can still use it by the below trick.

Download and install cartoon hd app for ios

  • To install the app, you have to unlock your IOS device.
  • Here is the procedure to unlock it.
  • Click on the settings option in your IOS device.
  • Now, Go to general settings and search for date & time.
  • Now, turn off the automatic set of date & time.
  • After turning it off change the date to 1 Aug 2014
  • Hurrah! You have successfully unlock your IOS device.
  • Since you have unlocked now you can easily install the app.
  • Download the file from below for ios:

Download cartoon hd for ios

  • Click on the file and install it.
  • Click on the trust option and install it.
  • You should change the time back to present after this to avoid any error afterwards.
  • Therefore, after changing the time you can use the app easily for free.

Thus, By the above procedure you can download and install the cartoon hd app for ios for free.

By this app you can download and watch paid TV shows & movies completely free.

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