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Cartoon HD app for android is one of the best video streaming app for latest movies & TV shows download.


Cartoon HD was one of the most popular app when launched 3 to 4 years back after which they suddenly stopped serving due to some issues.  It was launched as a website at the time of release which later on was transformed into the application.

Cartoon HD was the most well known app from which other apps like showbox,popcorn time,terrarium TV, Mobdro etc., were inspired to serve paid content for free. You can take a look on them from above links given to them.

It came back on viewers and user’s demand in the market but this time the website is no longer supported but you can still enjoy the content on the Cartoon HD app for android.

cartoon hd app for android

Cartoon HD was the free alternative to netflix which serves the same content with subscription fees. It is free now also with some minor advertisements to sustain the servers.

We don’t encourage piracy and users should only watch the shows for which they have the viewing rights.

This website is just for education and latest updates of the app.

But if you still want to know about Cartoon HD app for android, Here it is.

Cartoon HD App for Android

Cartoon HD app has some of the most interesting features which can be enjoyed by our beloved users and some of them are as follows:

You can download paid TV shows and Movies for free over internet with it.

It is available for both Android / IOS & Windows as well.

So, let’s discuss about some of it’s awesome features.

cartoon hd app for android

Free Unlimited Movies

Cartoon HD serves unlimited free movies on the app. It is not as big as netflix but it still gives a tough competition to it.

The app has filter option for movies from which you can sort the movies according to IMDB rating , popular movies , name , year etc.,

You can also search according to genre whether you want to watch action/animation/comedy/family/documentary etc.,

Isn’t it a nice feature? This is not all it still has much more left.

cartoon hd app for android

Unlimited free TV shows

Love cartoons? or addicted to TV shows? Don’t have time to watch them on television?

You can still surf them for free. Just download the cartoon hd app for android.

It has all the famous TV shows of last 6-7 years so, you can get yours.

You can also sort by year for latest shows and also by status which means you can watch the ongoing shows also from there.

cartoon hd app for android

Multiple Resolutions

You can download the available shows and movies in multiple resolutions. Suppose you have low internet or slow speed then you can watch your favorite show in less resolution to avoid buffering.

You get a wide range of options including 360p/480p/720p/1080p from which you can choose the quality as per your convenience.

cartoon hd app for android

Custom Viewing options

You get custom viewing options even if you don’t want to download a video. By this you can directly watch it without downloading in your personal video player.

It also helps in watching the videos on bigger screen through chromecast which will be discussed afterwards. You can directly watch the video through this option.

cartoon hd app for android

Within app updates

You get updates within the app!! It is one of the best feature i personally love.

You don’t have to be redirected to another website or search a newer version of the apk. Whenever a new update comes, Just click on update within app and new version will be installed.

This feature is added for the convenience of our beloved users. Hope you like it. Checkout: TutuApp

Latest Update for cartoon hd app

Here comes the latest update of cartoon hd with more bug fixes and added details. This time the app has a new interface and latest movies on internet.

The video library is bigger than ever in this update. Please update the app as the last version is obsolete now. You can get the download link below. Click on it to download now.

Install cartoon hd app for android on your smartphone

Here is the guide to download and install cartoon hd app for android on your android smartphone.

First of all to install the app, download the apk from below button:

Download Cartoon hd apk

  • To install the apk, you have to allow unknown sources for that go to settings and click on security options.
  • Now, click on  the allow unknown sources option as shown below:

cartoon hd app for android

  • For Android 8.0.0 and above the procedure is slightly tricky and is shown below:

cartoon hd app for android

  • As shown in the screenshot above, click on the settings option and go to search bar.
  • Search for special app access and at last you will find allow unknown sources.
  • Now, allow the browser from where you have downloaded the apk.
  • As you can see i have downloaded it from the chrome browser so i have allowed it.
  • Now, just click on the apk and install it on your smartphone.

So, this was the procedure to download and install the cartoon hd app for android on android smartphone or device.

Why it isn’t available on google play store

The app isn’t available on play store because it serves paid content for free which is against the google play policies.

But that doesn’t mean it is not trusted. It is one of the most trusted app for free TV shows and movies for free.

Download now for enjoying it’s free and exciting features.

To download the IOS or WINDOWS device click on the respective options.

Want to watch the stuff on your smart television? here is how to use it for chromecast.

Use Cartoon HD app with Chrome Cast

To use cartoon hd with chrome cast app just click on any video you want to watch whether it is a movie or TV show.

Now, click on the version and click on custom option rather than download.

After that choose chromecast option and the app should connect with your chromecast.

Through this procedure you can enjoy the free content on your smart television.

Cartoon HD app for IOS

Cartoon HD is also available for IOS with no compromise in it’s features.

It is completely free to download and install so below is the procedure.

To install cartoon HD app for ios, you have to unlock your ios device first which is descripted below:

  • Click on the settings option and go to general settings, select date & time and turn the set automatically option off.
  • Once it is off, Change the date to 1 aug 2014.
  • Done, Your IOS device is unlocked successfully.
  • Just download the file for IOS from below:

Download cartoon hd for IOS

  • Now, Just click on the file and install it. After the installation change the date and time back to automatic.
  • Now, open the app and click on trusted and start enjoying unlimited free movies and TV shows for free.

So, This was the procedure to download and install the cartoon hd app for IOS, Ipad etc., for free.

Cartoon HD app for Windows

Cartoon HD apart from being one of the most popular app for downloading free movies and TV shows.

It isn’t available for windows yet since windows store isn’t such a waste platform!

But you can still use it with a simple trick.

Many users want to enjoy this free content on the bigger screen and i hope you are the one so below is the trick without wasting your time.

  • You have to download emulators on your windows device.
  • I prefer to use NOX emulator but you can also use bluestacks if you don’t want to use NOX.
  • Emulators are basically an application to run a different virtual operation system on windows device.
  • So, after downloading the emulator, just click and download the cartoon hd apk for android from below:

Download cartoon hd apk

  • Now, Click on the install button and you are all set to use and enjoy the free stuff on your windows device.
  • This all is completely free.

I hope you like the procedure, It is a very easy procedure to enjoy your favorite TV shows and movies for free over internet.

It is also available for KODI and other operating systems. You can enjoy the cartoon hd app wherever you want to.

Wrapping Up

So, This was all about the cartoon hd apk for more features and details you can use our app.

To know more about us go to the about us or FAQs section. You can also comment below if you still have any query left.

We will love to help you out. Hope you like the app, have a great day. 🙂